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Cupcake / Hand-Drawn Greeting Card / Greetings Card / Blank Inside

Cupcake / Hand-Drawn Greeting Card / Greetings Card / Blank Inside

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Celebrate life's sweet moments with my unique hand-crafted greeting card featuring a delightful hand-drawn illustration. This one-of-a-kind kraft paper card is adorned with a whimsical and vibrant illustration of a beautiful fancy cupcake, meticulously rendered using coloured pencils—no prints involved!

The card is crafted from high-quality kraft paper, adding a rustic and charming touch to your heartfelt message. The blank interior provides you with the perfect canvas to pen your personalized wishes, making it suitable for any occasion, but particularly ideal for birthdays and joyous celebrations.

Each card comes complete with a matching kraft paper envelope, creating a cohesive and thoughtful presentation. Julia Rudens' artistic prowess shines through in every detail, from the intricate strokes to the carefully selected colour palette, ensuring that your recipient receives a truly special and memorable keepsake.

Whether you're sending warm birthday wishes, expressing gratitude, or just brightening someone's day, this hand-drawn greeting card is a testament to the beauty of handmade artistry. Elevate your greetings with a touch of creativity and charm, courtesy of Julia Rudens' fanciful cupcake illustration. Purchase this distinctive card today and make your heartfelt moments even more extraordinary.

Thank you for taking a moment to explore my artwork. I trust you have discovered a creation that resonates with your taste and brings joy to both you and the recipient.

The Details:

6x6 Inch Square (148mm x 148mm)
300gsm paper
Kraft Brown Envelope included
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