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A to Z Address Book / Hardcover

A to Z Address Book / Hardcover

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Introducing a one-of-a-kind address book that transcends the ordinary, with 105 pages that transform every letter of the alphabet into surreal masterpieces of art, thanks to the boundless creativity of the artist Julia Rudens.

This address book is not just a functional tool; it's a vibrant canvas that breathes life into the mundane task of organizing contacts. Each page is a vivid explosion of colors, surreal shapes, and intricate details, making it not only practical but also a visual delight.

This book is the perfect companion for recording addresses, ensuring your contacts are kept in a work of art. It's as functional as it is beautiful, providing ample space for writing down names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Give the gift of creativity, organization, and inspiration with this remarkable address book. It's not just a place to keep your contacts; it's a piece of art that will add a touch of surreal beauty to your daily life or make for an unforgettable and thoughtful gift.

  • Address Book with unique letters drawings by Julia Rudens
  • 6" x 9"
  • 105 pages
  • Alphabetical order, 4 pages for each letter
  • Colourful
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