Julia Rudens famous artist

About Me

Hi All!

My name is Julia Rudens.

I’m a self-taught artist since the late 90s. I started with oil paintings which are a solid part of my heritage. This passion then gave place to digital painting, a truly fascinating trend that brought me many happy customers with their pets’ digital portraits, profound Photoshop creations, photo restoration, as well as other kinds of digital imagery. However, now I’m back to the good old days with canvas yet using various techniques: abstract creations in acrylic, fluid art, mixed media, coloured pencils, markers & inks, so plenty to choose from.

 My work is inspired by the various colours and textures that I see in everyday life from an old rusty door to flaking paint on walls, and these inspirations build into multi-textured pieces. I’m also heavily influenced by various textures.

I would describe my works as decorative paintings for home, office, or public places' interiors.

Commissions are taken for clients requiring something unique in colour or size just email for more info. Most of my artwork can be either re-sized or colours changed depending on the requirements you need.